What Are the Most Popular Half Marathons in the World?

Sport is an exciting activity that attracts many people around the world. There is a trend for a healthy lifestyle and sports in the world. Every year more and more people start playing sports. But for everyone, it is individual, because who prefers to study alone, and who, on the contrary, likes to study in groups. But it is worth saying that there is one activity that suits anyone because it allows you to lose weight and train your own body. This activity is running. Now you can see a lot of people in the constantly running parks.

There are also many people who do this for a reason but try their hand at various competitions. Yes, there are a lot of different activities going on right now. Each event is held in a special place and at a certain time. But it is worth saying that to take part in one such event is already a huge victory that every person cannot achieve. If you want to try your hand at one of the half activities but don’t know where exactly, then we will help you with this. In this article, we will talk about the most famous activities in the world.

Most Popular Half Marathons

Great Wall Half Marathon

This is definitely one of the toughest activities in the whole world. This is explained by the fact that the task is somewhat different from other similar sporting events. It is necessary to run a certain distance and pass 5167 steps. But this has its advantages. This activity is held on one of the 7 wonders of the world, on the Great Wall. Athletes who were able to complete this activity can definitely be considered winners because it is not easy at all. Although the distance is short, only 2500 in total, together with a simple activity, the task is not an easy. The finish line of this race is at the Yin and Yang square in the old Huangyaguan fortress. People who have completed this competition will also be able to make some good memories.

The Big Sur 11 Miler

You can call this activity one of the most beautiful because you can watch beautiful views while running. Although the distance is not great enough, only 11 miles, all the views that athletes can see here make up for it all. The task of the athletes is to run along the road that stretches along the ocean. The entire distance passes along the coastline of Big Sur. When running, athletes must also run past Hurricane Point. The finish line is located in Carmel.

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It’s not just a activity. Ordinary people can take part in it and try to go the whole distance. There is also an option to run a longer distance of 21 miles, but this option is only necessary for experienced athletes. During the race, participants in this activity can watch whales. Isn’t that cool?

New York City Half Marathon

This activity takes place in the heart of New York and allows participants to see all the biggest attractions of this city. The date of the activity is usually the same every year. It is held in mid-March. The route is always constant and almost never radically changes. Athletes start their journey at East 72nd Street. They then have to run through popular tourist spots like Times Square and Central Park. The end of the activity takes place in one of the world’s financial centers, that is, on Wall Street in Manhattan.
Among people who are professionally involved in running, this event is extremely important. Many people are looking forward to participate in this sporting event. For residents of the USA, this is generally one of the most important events in the running calendar.

Kauai Half Marathon in Hawaii

As you may have guessed, this activity is made in Hawaii. Just like with the previous race, the date is usually known. This activity takes place in early September. It can also rightly be called one of the most beautiful activities among all existing ones. This is because various locations are constantly changing at a distance. Each of these locations is much more beautiful than the previous one. Yes, athletes have to run along the coastline and can watch the beautiful views of the ocean. In addition, the road passes through volcanic peaks and ends in a tropical forest at the end. It is here that one of the most famous locations is located. This is the world famous shady tree tunnel.
If you participate in this activity at least once in your life, we are sure you will never forget this event again. Here you can get a lot of positive emotions and impressions that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The Big Five Half Marathon

This activity is produced in South Africa and can be safely considered truly wild. It should start with the activity, usually held in the second half of June. These are truly unforgettable experiences, but it is worth saying that it is not so easy. The marathon is held in Africa, and especially in summer, when it is incredibly hot here. Each athlete participating in this marathon will run through the South African savannah. After that, the path continues in wooden valleys. Well, the last part of the marathon passes through the place where lions live, that is, through the lion country.
Almost every person who participated in this marathon says that it really was an unforgettable experience that you definitely won’t forget. Seeing a live lion is a huge shock and emotion for life.

The Sydney Running Festival

It is also a very enjoyable marathon that runs across the oceanfront in Sydney. The marathon is usually held in the second half of September. The weather is great in Sydney at the moment, warm enough, so this is the best time to run a marathon. The distance is not great. It passes through the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the finish line of this marathon is right in front of the Opera House. This is a great opportunity to see all the sightseeing of a given city without being a tourist.
The marathon itself starts in the morning at 6 am, but this is not a problem, because after the end of the race there is a loud party on the beach.

Choose the One and Apply for It!

Now you already know some of the most popular half marathons in the world. All that’s left is to sign up and try your hand at it.